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ATHENA - University Goes Digital for a Sustainable Global Education

A new model of distance education
with innovative digital

ATHENA offers an eLearning HUB to support lecturers with the creation, testing and implementation of cooperative, transformative and inclusive learning environments.

ATHENA provides a universal online educational resource and toolkit that includes a Pedagogic Model of Digital Learning and a Prototype of Digital Learning Solution.

The project ATHENA provides a Digital Learning Live HUB that explores fully all the possibilities of modern and innovative pedagogical technologies.

The eLearning HUB will provide appropriate digital and learning skills to lecturers and students, thus encouraging cooperation in different regions of the world.

The results will provide the level of success of the first implementations of the innovative digital tools and practices used for new pedagogical approaches.

Keep updated with the Athena project! Activities taking place, Results achieved so far, forthcoming Events and latest relevant information.

Master Classes and Train the Lecturers sessions will give the opportunity to present the overall Toolkit and aim to encourage teachers to use it.




9th & 10th February 2023


Final version of the courses ready for implementation


Now is the time to disseminate the project results


6th & 7th September 2022


June 2022 will be a very proactive and productive month for ATHENA!


25th & 26th October 2021


Innovative digital teaching and learning


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