Beyond Digital Transition: new ways of using the digital technology in higher education

Master Class

Université Gustave Eiffel will organise and host the Athena Master class on the topic “Beyond digital transition: new ways of using the digital technology in higher education” on the 29th November 2022.

Following the digital transition to ensure pedagogical continuity, further reflexions and new experiments were launched to make the most of open opportunities given to technology-assisted education.

This Master class, a roundtable to foster dialogue, will give the opportunity to present the ATHENA project, its objectives, activities and results, together with the specifically created e-learning hub (eLEARN-HUB). The Digital Learning Live platform has innovative pedagogical resources intended for use by teachers, as well as university lecturers, for the creation of online courses.

Amongst keynote speakers in the area, a teacher-researcher keen in pedagogical methods using games will present his experience of technological design through the innovative and massively multiplayer online and open source game Minestest.