eLearning HUB

As a multi-regional Digital Learning Live Platform for lecturers, the eLEARN-HUB will be the first result of ATHENA project.

The eLEARN-HUB is a tool that envisages the design, prototyping and evaluation of innovative pedagogic methodologies for Higher Education at a European level, integrating and putting to use available digital technologies. It aims to provide appropriate digital and learning skills to lecturers and students, allowing the implementation of online/e-Learning courses, thus creating great blended learning, teaching experiences and encouraging cooperation in different regions of the world.

The eLEARN-HUB wil have

  1. A Pedagogic Model of Digital Learning, with course learning design (learning outcomes, syllabus, schedule, teaching methodology, assessment, academic resources, technological tools).
  2. A Prototype of Digital Learning Solution.

The online tool will provide the development of technological learning resources to support the creation of a toolkit to be used in the implementation of e-Learning courses.

Being so, through dissemination such as multiple events during the project lifetime, the project team will offer an environment to help lecturers to create their digital courses and hence promoting their skills.
These digital courses will be firstly applicable to Architecture, Logistics, Management and Leadership in the Bachelor's programme, Research Methodology in the Master's programme.
After the completion of the project, the eLEARN-HUB will be open to a wider range of courses, if not to all the courses offered by the Universities of the consortium but also to other universities involved in the future.