Organization and Leadership

Learning, Training and Teaching Activities

The Learning, Training and Teaching Activities (LTTA) at the University Politécnico di Milano (Polimi) was held from 7th to 9th June 2022.

The course focused on “Organization and Leadership” and relied upon the presence of the POLIMI leading team as well as teachers from the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) and Université Gustave Eiffel.

During these three days, ATHENA partners presented and discussed the draft for each Module of the Organization and Leadership course. The presentations were followed by a very intensive workshop in small groups where many important and diverse ideas for improving the course were gathered.

The event was not only a major step forward in the development of the course but also increased the exchange of scholars between universities along with the understanding of Politécnico di Milano and the city of Milan.

Pictures of the event