Pedagogic methodology

ATHENA employs innovative, student-centered and personalized learning pedagogic approaches with a design thinking process for digital learning and a digital technological solution for online learning.


The goal of this project is to help transforming the competencies of the lecturers and students using a set of digital learning resources to make the process more efficient, but at the same time more participative and dynamic.

In this context, the expectations of the project are based on gathering information about lecturers and students profile, identifying the best practices regarding pedagogic methods applied to digital learning as well as potential learning resources that can inspire the creation of the toolkit of resources. This will serve as a base to create a Digital Learning Live HUB for Lecturers using tools including games, tutorials for videos of real organizations, Case Studies, Based Problem and project Based Learning to a more transformative learning process and linked to real life needs.

Being so, with the active involvement of the lecturers and students from the beginning of the project, ATHENA will create, test and implement innovative digital practices, putting technologies in use to create new pedagogic approaches and achieve better learning and teaching experiences.


To put in practice this new model of teaching, the project will create templates and toolkits that lecturers can adopt and adapt to their classes, using different pedagogic approaches, through the numerous template materials that will be made available through the toolkit which includes ebooks, videos, games, quizzes, assisted/augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

ATHENA will focus on the needs’ analyses carried out with students and lecturers, then promoting the capacity building in lecturers and students by

  • Developing a new set of tools adapted to the contemporary higher education challenges;
  • Developing new teaching skills;
  • Integrating the conception and ideas from the several stakeholders in the solution process, and
  • Focusing on international cooperation with the inclusiveness of countries from other regions outside of Europe (Africa, and South America).