The ATHENA project will produce:

O1 - A multi-regional Platform Digital Learning Live HUB for Lecturers (eLEARN-HUB) to support lecturers to implement online/eLearning courses. The eLEARN-HUB will have:

  1. A Pedagogic Model of Digital Learning, with course learning design (learning outcomes, syllabus, schedule, teaching methodology, assessment, academic resources, technological tools);
  2. A Prototype of Digital Learning Solution.

O2 – A Universal Toolkit for Digital Learning tailor made by lecturers form all the scientific areas for their use.

Four on-line courses:
O3 – Online Technology in Architecture Course.
O4 – Online Organization and Leadership Course
O5 – Online Logistics Course
O6 – Online Research Methodology Course

Lecturers from the universities of the project will be able to prepare and adapt these four courses according to their needs with the help of the Universal Toolkit (02). During that period, support will be given to the lecturers to enable them to develop their digital skills for the tailor made courses, using pilot courses and staff training events. Naturally, these four courses will be tested with pilot groups of professors and students, with active online participation of teachers from non-European Countries (Cape Verde, Brazil, Tunisia). The final version of the courses will be implemented in training events.