Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (or University of Brazil) is a public and largest federal university located mainly in Rio de Janeiro, with many campuses and faculties spreading to ten other cities. The university is one of the Brazilian centres of excellence in teaching and research. It is well known nationally and internationally in terms of scientific, artistic and cultural productions. UFRJ is the third best university in Brazil and the seventh best in Latin America (QS World University Rankings - 2018).

The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is one of the main actors in the training of the Brazilian intellectual elite. UFRJ offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The university can be divided into six university centres (namely in the area of: Health Sciences, Technology, Mathematical and Natural Sciences, Law and Economic Sciences, Philosophy and Human Sciences, Literature and Arts) plus the University Technical Department, the Forum of Science and Culture and the University City Hall. Each centre is made of dozens of units (schools, colleges, institutes, etc) and supplementary organs (museums, hospitals) responsible for education and research. IUFRJ contributes heavily to Rio de Janeiro's public health with its nine college hospitals and its deep integration with the State's health treatment network. In addition, several universities created a specific eLearning centre (Rio de Janeiro Centre of Higher-Education E-learning) to offer eLearning courses as a mixed training in some subjects.

Although the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro has strong traditional ties, international exchange programmes and partnerships are profuse. UFRJ establishes and maintains over 200 international cooperation with institutions all over the world.