Politecnico di Milano (Polimi)

Politecnico di Milano is a scientific-technological university training engineers, architects and industrial designers. The University focuses on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research, at the same time developing a fruitful relationship with the business and productive world by means of experimental research and technological transfer. 

The priority commitment of Politecnico di Milano to always link research to didactics has led to the achievement of high quality results at an international level as well as linking the university to the business world. Cooperation and alliances with the industrial system is a vital requirement for training students. Indeed, knowledge of the needs of the industrial world and public administration enables Polimi to adapt to the constant and rapid innovation, as well as being a stimulus for the development of the territories in which it operates. These partnerships are encouraged through the Fondazione Politecnico and the various consortia in which Politecnico belongs.

Politecnico di Milano is developing its connections at the European level with the objective of contributing to the creation of a single professional training market. As such, the university takes part in several research sites and training projects and collaborates with the most qualified European universities. Moreover, Polimi cooperates with other countries from North America to Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. This drive allows Politecnico di Milano to take part in the European and international network of leading technical universities and to offer several courses taught solely in English.